Speedsail History


In 1977, on a very cold and windy day on the "Touquet Paris-Plage" beach (North-France), Arnaud de Rosnay, a famous french windusrfer is looking at a beach-sailer . At this moment is suddenly coming to his mind the idea to create a board with 4 wheels to "windsurf on the sand of the beach" : The Speedsail invention is born !


Arnaud's invention (registered trademark and patented)  has been commercialised since 1980 by the NORBERT BLANC SPORTS company, managed during over 20 years by Hervé Spriet : over 30 000 speedsail have been sold in less than 30 years ! In 2001, Hervé Spriet sold its company to Jean-Baptiste Lefoulon who continues to commercialise the same speedsail board since 1977 ! (the company is called today NORBLAN sarl).